The Den

Warm and sophisticated with a tongue-in-cheek British flair – even the art on the walls is irreverent, animating the space with larger-than-life portraits and visual puns.

Brass tea tray with pastries, champagne flutes, and woman's hand in green blouse with feathers grabbing a dessert off the table


A story with every bite, crafted to tell the unique story of St Martins Lane London.

Make your way through a playful yet delicious array of sandwiches and pastries. From a Croque Monsieur to resemble the infamous revolving doors to an elderflower and gold dust tea, symbolising the entrance to our hidden speakeasy. Expect the unexpected here in the centre of it all, The Den.

Daily | 12 pm – 4 pm

Modern Cafe



Sophisticated and modern cafe that transcends the ordinary by bringing a slice of Los Angeles’ craft coffee culture to London. At night, EllaMia After Dark serves delicious bites and cocktails.